Tenth and Mae

Soludos Ines Heel


If you're looking for a comfortable pair of heels that are also gorgeous, you've found them! The Ines Heels are perfect for any occasion you have coming up. Have a wedding? Baby shower? A party just because? These will be your go to pair of shoes!


+ Upper — Suede | Bottom — Leather + Rubber

+ Fit | Runs True to Size

+ Imported

+ Sustainably & Ethically Made

About the Brand—

Soludos is a travel—inspired lifestyle brand that offers thoughtfully crafted shoes and apparel that happily move you through the world with style, ease, and best—in—class craftsmanship while keeping the planet top of mind. Inspired by the simple pleasures of life, Soludos reimagines traditional styles that have stood the test of time to make them perfect for the now, with unexpected details and a little bit of quirk…all you need to do is decide where to take them.

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